Step your brow career up to the next level by perfecting the art of Ombré Brows!

Ombré Brows is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure used to enhance the shape and fullness of the eyebrow and create beautiful, bold definition. Also known as ‘Powdered Brows’, ‘Microshading’ or ‘Misty Brows’, this technique is used to deposit small dots of pigment into the upper epidermal layer of the skin, giving the brows a soft and shaded make-up appearance.

Unlike Microblading that creates fine manually drawn hair strokes, Ombré Brows is used to create a fuller ‘shadow’ like background and is ideal for clients wanting a slightly bolder look. The Ombré look is typically darker in the tail and body of the brow, with a gradual fade to a lighter appearance in the head of the brow.

All students are required to attend their Microblading foundation training first before advancing to Ombré Brows.

Manual vs Machine

The final results of these two treatments have a very similar look as they both create a denser brow with a ‘shaded’ in effect. The difference is therefore in the technique. The manual technique as it suggests makes use of a manual hand-held tool and needles used to deposit fine ‘dots’ of pigment into the skin. The machine technique makes use of a SPMU machine and cartridge that  repeatedly pierces the skin with tiny ‘dots’ of pigment.


  • Manual hand-held tool & needles
  • Dry to normal & young skins
  • Slightly more invasive
  • More grainy look, more visible dots
  • Creates a soft outline
  • More time consuming
  • More control over the tool
  • Lighter shades and greater accuracy
  • Build texture as you want it
  • Lasts 12 – 18 months
  • Easier conversion from Microblading


  • SPMU machine & cartridges
  • Works well on oily & mature sensitive skins
  • Less invasive when executed correctly
  • Smooth & seamless shade
  • Creates a more defined outline
  • Can work a bit faster
  • Easier to go too deep
  • Deeper shades that require more control
  • Bolder looks
  • Lasts 24 – 30 months
  • More practise and experience to handle machine

Training Packages

Kit Contents 

Manual Ombré Kit
2 Practise Skins
2 Double Head Hand Tools
10 3R Shading Needles
7 C Shape Shading Needles
3 3 Line Shading Needles
10 Pigment Rings
10 Clear Cups
10 Brow Wands
10 Microfibre Wands
10 Lint Free Applicators
10 Consultation Cards
10 Aftercare Advice Cards
Machine Ombré Kit
2 Practise Skins
1 Permanent Makeup Device
1 Pigment Diltent
10 PMU Cartridges
10 Pigment Rings
10 Clear Cups
10 Brow Wands
10 Microfibre Wands
10 Lint Free Applicators
10 Consultation Cards
10 Aftercare Advice Cards

Course Structure

Our Ombré Brows curriculum is broken down into a combination of online as well as practical hands-on learning to help guide students through the techniques and full execution of the treatment.


Our permanent makeup courses hold the recognition of PCASA. PCASA follows the same Code of Ethics as the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), setting the industry standard for permanent cosmetic professionals.

We pride ourselves on the standard of results produced by our students, and work hard to uphold the quality and integrity of our Industry.


Once enrolled, students will receive access to the online student portal where they will be required to familiarise themselves with the theory and training video tutorials. Students are encouraged to arrive at their practical training prepared with any questions they would like to ask their Educator.


The 3 practical training days are broken down into 1 day for the manual technique, and 2 for the machine technique. Students will work on artificial skin, observe live demonstrations and work on 3 live models. Students will be required to arrange their own models to work on.


Practise makes perfect! Students will be required to practise and perfect their ombré techniques on models of their choice and submit their work to their Educator. It is up to students how quickly they complete their case studies, but we encourage them to take no longer than 3 months.


Once the case study submissions have been assessed and marked, students will be booked in for their final practical assessment with their Educator. Students must be able to complete a full procedure with confidence, using the techniques as demonstrated in training.

Income Potential

Recommended Retail Prices
Ombré Brows: R1700 – R2400
Combo Brow: R2000 – R2600
Average Cost per Treatment
Ombré Brows Manual: R150
Ombré Brows Machine: R145

The kit products can yield a profit as per the below:

Ombré Brows MANUAL Kit: R17,000 – R24,000
Ombré Brows MACHINE Kit: R17,000 – R24,000

Payment Options

Our Academy offers a number of secure payment facilities to suit every student’s budget and preference.

Option 1: EFT
Option 2: Credit Card
Option 3: Payflex
Option 4: Mobicred

If you would like to ‘Train Now and Pay Later’, please view our Payment Options page for more details on the instalment options available.