We have collaborated with Supercilium to bring you the most premium quality Henna products and training.

Supercilium are a globally recognized brand of Henna and aim to empower beginner and advanced brow artists around the world through education and the creation of beautifully customized brows.

Henna brows is a semi-permanent treatment that has become extremely popular in the eyebrow industry in recent years. Traditional Henna powder comes from the Lawsonia Inermis plant and has been used to dye the skin and hairs for hundreds of years.  Unlike traditional brow tinting, brow henna not only stains the hairs, but also stains the skin and is completely natural, safe and easy to use.

Supercilium offer a range of Brow Henna colours that can be combined or used individually to suit every skin tone and provide long lasting results.
On completion of this course you will be ready to put your fabulous new skills to practice, generate more revenue, attract new customers and become the ultimate Brow Boss!

Training Packages

Supercilium Basic Kit List
Blonde Henna
Medium Brown Henna
Dark Brown Henna
Pro Cleanser
Colour Corrector
Colour Developer
Mixing Set
Medium Angled Brow Brush
Supercilium Master Kit List
Blonde Henna
Auburn Henna
Light Brown Henna
Medium Brown Henna
Dark Brown Henna
Black Henna
Pro Cleanser
Colour Corrector
Colour Developer
Mixing Set
Medium Angled Brow Brush

Course Details

This comprehensive online curriculum covers all aspects of the Henna application processes and treatment protocols, giving students a chance to study at their own pace from the comfort of their home or salon. Please note that the Advanced Brow Mapping training is a separate curriculum and not included in this course. If you have no previous brow mapping experience we would recommend adding this as a training combo package. For therapists already confident in their brow mapping techniques it is not compulsory.

Kit Details

The Supercilium kits contain all the accessories you will need to create flawless brows,  plus 6 shades of Henna in the Master Kit, and 3 shades in the Basic Kit. Each 7g jar of premium quality Henna powder can yield up to 56 treatments. 


Once enrolled, students will receive access to their online student portal and their kit will be dispatched to their door. Students will be able to work through the online theory and training videos at their own pace, until they are confident to start working on models.


Practise makes perfect! On completion of the online studies, each student is required to submit 5 practical case study images of their work for marking. Their appointed Educator will provide feedback and troubleshooting advice to guide each student through the process.


Once the Educator is confident with the standard of results produced, the accredited certificate will be awarded.

Income Potential

Recommended Retail Prices
Henna Application Only : R250 – R300
Including a wax / thread : R300 – R350

Average Cost per Treatment
Henna Application Only : R26
Including a wax / thread : R35

Return on Investment
Master Kit: R84,000 – R100,000.
Basic Kit: R42,000 – R50,000

Payment Options

Our Academy offers a number of secure payment facilities to suit every student’s budget and preference.

Option 1: EFT
Option 2: Credit Card
Option 3: Payflex
Option 4: Mobicred

If you would like to ‘Train Now and Pay Later’, please view our Payment Options page for more details on the instalment options available.