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This comprehensive curriculum is broken down into a combination of online as well as practical hands on learning to help guide you through your training journey to becoming a lash pro!

Investing your time in perfecting this skill will set you apart from your competition as a master lash artist and allow you to attract a client base that values customised, long lasting sets and specialised technique. A passion for the lash industry plus dedication and lots of practise are essential if you want to excel at Volume Lashing!


Taking your time to review the online course content before attending your practical training will ensure you arrive prepared and ready to maximize your time with your Educator. Your access to the online course content will not expire so you are welcome to refer back to it as many times as you need pre and post training.

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Once enrolled, our training team will be in touch to schedule your practical training day and will send you your full course schedule.

Please note you will be required to arrange your own model to work on. Please arrive at your class well rested and ready to learn!


Post training you will be required to submit a theory assessment based on the course content you have learned. This is an open book assessment and you will be able to refer back to your training manual where necessary.

Please click HERE to submit your answers once you are ready.


Practise makes perfect! Once you are feeling confident you can start working on models. You will find more information on how to submit your case studies under the Case Study Requirements and Case Study Example lesson. We encourage you to submit one or two at a time so your Educator can provide guidance and troubleshooting advice along the way.

Please click HERE to make your case study submissions.


Once your Educator is confident with the standard of theory and practical work demonstrated, your certificate will be awarded.